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Los Angeles is one of the most populous cities all over the United States and the city is known for its year round warm weather. It is for this reason why most of the residences and commercial buildings here have an HVAC system installed. But the problem is that a lot of people tend to ignore air duct cleaning and other related services. This is why Greenman is here to help.

Greenman team will provide cleaning and replacement services for your HVAC system, cleaning and repair for your dryer vent, attic and crawl space cleaning, as well as insulation replacement. All these services are absolutely necessary in order to keep your HVAC system to work properly and improve the overall indoor air quality at home, while minimizing electric consumption at the same time.

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According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an average room in your house could accumulate up to 40 pounds of dust, dirt and other debris each year. This can certainly lead to a serious problem because all these particles can infect your air indoors and could lead to the growth of unhealthy bacteria, fungi and molds. Once inhaled, you or your loved one could become seriously ill. It is for this reason why regular air duct cleaning should be observed and homeowners as well as business owners who have an HVAC system installed in their home and within their business premises should hire Greenman for professional cleaning services of their air ducts.

Air Duct Replacement

Air duct replacement is also one way to improve your home’s indoor air quality. The buildup of dust and debris are among the reasons why your air ducts could eventually get damaged. Thus, aside from cleaning, you should get your air ducts replaced in the event that it becomes dysfunctional. A faulty HVAC system is also very costly for it would consume more electricity than the usual. So if you notice lately that your electricity bill has significantly increased, check your air duct system for it might need necessary repairs.

90% of all furnace failures are caused by dirt and dust build up! Did you know, furnace manufacturers recommend to have your furnace cleaned every one to two years? In just a couple of years dirt and dust build up can cause up to a 20% loss in efficiency.

Most property owners don’t give their ductwork a single thought. After all, the air ducts aren’t very noticeable in many houses, and, given that the air ducts are doing their job fairly well – carrying cool air throughout the house during the summer time and distributing hot air through the winter- homeowners have a tendency to neglect them.

This isn’t clever. Ignoring the air ducts in your house can result in many issues, many of which could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Frequent air duct cleaning might help to prevent many possible problems.

As air travels through the ducts, dust and dirt also travel through. This debris, which may include pieces of cotton lint, paper fibers, along with other materials, build up in the junctures of your ductwork. This can be a fire hazard, and only gets more hazardous when property owners neglect frequent air vent cleaning.

The debris that collects in the air ducts after a while may cause some ducts to get plugged, sometimes completely or sometimes partially. When ducts are clogged, it is much less effective, and hence, runs on the large amount of energy. This raises the homeowner’s costs for energy and it is not good for the earth.

When ductwork gets clogged, the system will need to work much harder to be able to push the air through. Because of this it is more likely that system components may begin to crash. The home owner might have to replace components like igniters, thermostats, or even motors much sooner than he would have if he had gotten frequent air duct cleaning.

Ducts that need cleaning make the home less pleasant to stay in. This is due to ducts that often hold in moisture during humid weather and hold in heat during winter weather.

If exterior vent outlets aren’t cleaned regularly, chances are that they will gain popularity of insects, rodents, and birds. These insects and animals might even climb into the ductwork and die there, increasing the clogged debris. Those who have problems with allergies might discover that their symptoms become more serious as time passes if their home’s ductwork isn’t often cleaned. It is because common contaminants like dust mites and pollen accumulate in the congested ducts and are trapped there – and they are distributed throughout the home through the air conditioner and/or the heat. Some types of germs can survive in ductwork too, resulting in people to have problems with breathing.

Air duct sanitizing is often used as a prevention to protect against and reduce microbial growth including bacteria and mold in your air duct cleaning system. Additionally it is extremely effective to fight odors from the inside of the air duct system, and also giving your property or office a fresh scent. Air duct sanitizing is often used when people suffer from allergies or when they are relocating into a new home.

With all of these potential issues, the significance of frequent air duct cleaning should be quite evident. Frequent cleaning of the ductwork will help to live healthier and better.

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