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Protect and prevent your home from dryer fire with annual professional dryer vent cleaning service from Greenman.

A professional dryer vent cleaning service in Los Angeles, California is an important and often overlooked service that increases home energy efficiency, decreases expenses, and will extend life span of your clothing dryer.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports there are 25,000 clothing dryer fires annually in the United States, amounting to $98,000,000 in approximated damage to property. Lack of routine maintenance is the major reason for dryer fires, and LINT is the top material to fire up. These fires could be the result of malfunction of mechanical and/or electric components from the dryer itself, the wrong type of materials being placed into the dryer, and lack of airflow due to incorrect installation.

When was the last time you scheduled a dryer vent cleaning service?

Cleaning your clothing dryer exhaust duct is a crucial service. This is a service that is sometimes forgotten – and not doing it may cause water damage, possible fire risk, hazard to health, increased electrical fees as well as damage to your clothing dryer.

Each time a dryer duct gets clogged, it often gets moisture in your system, which can result in corrosion and water damage. We typically get 2-5 gallons of lint and water from dryer duct whenever we clean them.

How long does it take to dry your clothes? Look for these signals that your dryer vent should be cleaned:

Clothes take too much time to dry.

Clothing is hotter than normal by the end of the drying cycle. Flapper on vent hood does’t open up when dryer is on.

Decreased airflow and the lint build-up result in heating up by blocking a fast-enough drying action. Most high temperature limit switches were never built to cycle on / off constantly which can lead them to crash over a period of time.

Proper Airflow:

A clean dryer vent indicates right airflow, and that can lower drying time and reduce functioning expenses. Full airflow helps in avoiding the dryer from running on its high temperature safety limit control. Vinyl and foil duct venting materials may easily fail when installed. Using proper venting materials to attain highest efficiency could also lengthen the life of the dryer and add to the life of clothes because of lower drying temperatures.

Minimized Maintenance and Improved Home Energy Efficiency:

A key to efficient dryer functionality is optimal airflow. A correctly installed all-metal dryer vent will assist in making sure the airflow is right. If clothing is given the proper volume of air, they dry faster and are subject to less tumbling. This leads to less wear on the clothes and less use of electrical power or gas. Failing to effectively maintain the dryer ducts could cause harm to your clothing dryer and, at a minimum, a total waste of your time waiting for your clothes to dry.

What Causes Dryer Fires & How to Prevent Dryer Fires?

Restricted airflow, lint build-up and moisture cause overheating that prevents fast drying action. When this happens, the temperature limit safety switches cycle on and off continuously and will fail over a period of time. The higher costs of operation and possibility of a dangerous dryer fire. Best Dryer Vent Cleaning uses a professional tools and procedures to clean dryer vent duct. The entire process usually takes about one hour. However, cleaning is only one part of our service. The dryer vent is also inspected for several mechanical issues that should be checked by a professional duct cleaner.

Greenman Dryer Vent Cleaning by a qualified vent cleaning technician. To learn more about dryer vent cleaning in Los Angeles, California please contact our office.

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