Greenman UV Purification Systems

UV purification light system added to your furnace help clear your household air of mold, allergens as well as other pollutants that may enter your house.

If you’re like most individuals you clean your hands during the day. Your Food has been washed, your house has been cleaned. The water that runs from your faucet has been treated and is free from germs, viruses and other microorganisms. Why wouldn’t you take care of the air in your home similar? The air in your house is continually moving in your ducts. Your air filter captures the dirt and dust, however dark, moist areas of the unit could have mold, fungus and debris which often can impact your well being and also decrease the effectiveness of your system.

Proven Technology

Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal Lamp technology has been safely used to clean the air in medical centers, hospitals, clinics, schools and more facilities for over 65 years. More than 20 years businesses and houses have been using UV light for the very same reason.

These days Germicidal Light is required in public buildings according to the Facilities Standards for Public Buildings

UV Purification System Benefits For Allergy Sufferers

Germs and all kind of microorganisms may cause breathing problems, exhaustion, achy and watery eyes, and also other health problems and difficulties. Your indoor air allergies are most likely a result of bacteria living in your house HVAC system. You are able to stop mold, fungus, debris and various DNA based microorganisms in your system while using the UV Light. You’ll feel much better with clean air and the awareness that your cooling and heating system isn’t breading ground for harmful organisms.

Additional Benefits

The UV Light Purification system eliminates bacteria, and also neutralizes volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Chemical gasses, solvents, glues and odor leading to pollutants could be considerably lowered or removed by contact with the UV Light Cleanser in your system.

When you purchase UV purification system from Greenman you receive No hassle. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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